COVID-19 and LawnsOne

We are living through extreme and challenging times.  We want to take a pro-active part in dealing with the COVID-19/Coronavirus, whilst trying to reduce disruption of your service.

LawnsOne has a social responsibility to temporarily alter its working methods in order to act on governmental advice to protect our community, especially those who are most vulnerable.

Given that we work in the outdoors, we feel fortunate that we can mitigate risks with a few small changes.  The following changes will therefore be implemented with immediate effect.

Update to The Process

Confirming the treatment visit:
We will continue to send out service emails prior to our call and if necessary we will make a telephone call ahead. we are keen to ensure that you maintain the ability to raise questions or concerns about your lawn.  You can do this by either emailing or telephone before the visit.  We will then assess any queries whilst we are there.

On arrival:
To minimise contact and to help prevent the spread of the virus, we now ask that gates/doors are unlocked and open in readiness for our visit, then like many other services eg. window cleaner, gardener, we will get straight to work.

During our visit:
While we are on the property working it is imperative that you stay indoors.  If you need to speak to the technician, ask questions etc this can be done by telephone or email.  We will be unable to carry out work if there are people in the garden.

On completing the treatment:
If we notice anything abnormal with your lawn or have any concerns, we will send the after service email and will email you separately, or make a telephone call, with additional information if necessary.  We will do this rather than discuss issues on the doorstep. If you have an email address your after service emails also include links to invoices.

For consistency, these changes will apply for all visit’s members of the LawnsOne Team make.

We will continue to monitor the situation closely, reviewing developments and government advice. We hope the above will help to maintain our service level, but also helps us to make sure we all keep as safe as possible during this time.  We recognise how important it is to protect our customers, ourselves and our NHS.

Thank you for your support in keeping one another safe during these unprecedented times.


Q: How can I contact you regarding questions about the lawn/service?
A: Email or call as you would normally, the more notice you can give the better

Q: I am in self-isolation, what should I do?
A: Let us know as soon as possible, this will allow us to develop a plan with you that fits your individual circumstances

Q: How will you keep me updated of developments?
A: We have created this blog post which will be updated as necessary

Q: How can I pay you?
A: You can pay by bank transfer, details are on the invoice, you can also pay online via our Customer Services Portal or by telephoning the office and paying by credit or debit card.  During this time we would prefer not to be paid by cheque.

Q: What about social distancing?
A: We ask that you remain inside whilst we work on your lawn.  If you see us travelling and working closely together it is because we are a family business and a number of us are living in the same household.

Photo by Fusion Medical Animation on Unsplash

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