Care for lawns during hot weather – The heat is on

The heat is on . . .

All lawns need some special care during hot, dry weather.  When deprived of water, lawn grasses are likely to stop growing and start to brown.  This is more likely if the top 10cm (4 inches) of soil becomes dried out.

If well maintained, the lawn will come back, usually once the autumn arrives bringing rainfall, however, in extended periods of drought or where little or no maintenance is carried out lawn grasses will become weak and the roots will suffer and deteriorate.

Added to this if the hot weather continues, as predicted, water may also become a limited resource.

What you can do to help your lawn survive . . .

  • Raise your cut height when mowing and you can even let clippings fall onto the lawn instead of collecting them. This acts as a mulch and slows evaporation of water from the surface.  This can only be done is clippings are very small otherwise you are at risk of smothering the grass which can also cause harm.
  • Water (provided no hosepipe ban is in place) or use irrigation systems wisely. Water once the soil is dry BUT before the grass browns.  IF the ground is baked and hard you can aerate or spike it before watering to help the water reach the grass roots.  Don’t overwater as this is wasteful and unnecessary and can result in the lawn becoming even less drought resistant.

Autumn is the time to renovate and repair lawns after a long, hot summer.   If you would like a free of charge, on-site survey of the lawn with a view to having regular lawn care treatments, please call 0800 848 8055.

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