How To Water Your Lawn

It seems silly to suggest anyone doesn’t know how to water their lawn, however, following a few simple steps can ensure a healthier lawn which is more durable in times of drought.

It is our job to encourage deep rooting, so that, in dry periods the grass roots can obtain water further down the soil profile. Regular short bursts of watering tend to develop roots that look to the surface of the soil.

Therefore we aim to water for a long period really soaking the soil deep down and then two shorter bursts as a top up, then back to a long soak. To see how far down the soil profile you are watering, leave a cup out under the sprinkler.

Lastly keep an eye on the weather forecast. If you are expecting a period of dry weather, water even if cloudy and cool. It is much easier to keep a lawn hydrated than to rehydrate it.

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