Lawn Care’s 3 Best Kept Secrets

LawnsOne Ltd can help renovate your lawn, maintain your lawn, and deal with any problems. But by the far the best things for your lawn are sunshine, water, and cutting; all too often overlooked.

1: Sunshine

Grass starts to grow at 6 degrees, not fast but it’s a start. Longer days mean more sunshine and light leading to speeding photosynthesis or grass growth. Simple but overlooked! Ever wondered why you were cutting into December last year? The soil temperature from the summer had remained, we had plenty of rainfall and the grass kept growing as a result.

2: Water

Winter months tend not to be a problem. Spring is where things can go wrong. Temperatures are around the 15 degree mark (usually), the grass is growing nicely due to all the moisture in the soil from winter but no one pays attention to the fact that we have not had significant rainfall. The soil slowly but surely starts to dry out moving into the hottest season of the year. It is at this point that water is needed on your lawn. Keeping a lawn moist in spring is far easier than trying to flood a dry soil profile in summer. Make the differentiation between cold and hot days and wet and dry days.

3: Cutting

Cutting should commence with a sharp blade and cut height set at between 30-40mm. The more regularly you do it the thicker your sward as new growth from the base of the plant is stimulated. The more often you cut, the easier it becomes and means you also empty the grass box less often. When starting your cutting regime, remember to only take one-third off at any one cut. Grass grows rapidly during spring and autumn as there is plenty of warmth and moisture about! This is when you should be cutting most. You can slow down as growth slows into summer (growth will only slow if you stop watering).

Get the above right and leave the rest of your lawn care to us: we can improve colour, vigour, uniformity, resistance to disease, and weed infestation, just get in touch.

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