Mowing Tips [Video]

Here at LawnsOne, we are always talking to our customers about mowing. It is without doubt, alongside watering, one of the most important factors in a great looking lawn. Do it well and you will be rewarded.

Which Lawn Mower should I buy?

At LawnsOne we recommend either petrol or battery-operated mower. We don’t like the thought of trailing leads and sharp blades. Petrol and battery mowers, in our opinion, outperform the electric mowers too.

If you want stripes you will need a roller on the back.

Consider size for storage, manoeuvrability, and size of lawn; weight for turning and getting in and out of sheds, and ease of start and reliability.

Where to store your mower?

Store your mower somewhere dry and very close to your lawn. Don’t pack it away at the back of the shed, have it close to the door. The easier it is to get out and put it away the more likely you are to use it!

How often should I mow my lawn?

If the grass is growing, keep on mowing. If it’s growing quickly mow it often, if it’s growing slowly mow it less frequently. As a rule of thumb, for a maintained and fed lawn every 5-7 days in spring and autumn, every 7 days in summer, and every 14 days in winter. Don’t forget to trim the edges too. Do this first so that mowing collects any loose grass.

Should I collect the mowed grass?

If you are mowing really regularly and the amount you are taking off the grass is 10mm or less, you can consider letting the clippings go straight back onto the lawn. These clippings will break down and complete the nitrogen cycle. If the clippings are longer than 10mm, box them off and compost them.

What height should I mow my lawn?

For the average lawn, between 30-40mm is ideal. Longer in summer if it is dry and the lawn is not irrigated, and it can be left a little longer in winter too. Don’t make the mistake of mowing shorter in summer and never leave more than seven days during growing periods, spring and autumn.

Mowing a wet lawn

If you mow regularly and don’t take too much off in one cut, it is possible to cut when wet. It will be messier and take longer, but better to mow wet than leave it for weeks on end.

Changing Direction of Mow

It is important to change the starting position when you mow and to change the direction of mowing regularly. This does two things. It prevents tram lines (especially for those with wheel only mowers) which is when lines begin to appear along the lawn from continuously using the same lines. It will also help to keep creeping grasses from growing over like a “comb over” hair style. Changing direction lifts these, ensuring the grass grows from the base.

What is double cutting?

Double cutting is mowing the lawn in two different directions on the same cut. It’s what gives you a chequerboard effect (if you have a roller mower), but more importantly, it gives a really even cut. There are no Mohicans (those lines of missed grass between lines).

How much should I cut off?

Only ever cut around a third of the leaf at any one mow. If you need to get the lawn height down do it by leaving 3-4 days between cuts. Never let the grass grow long and cut it off at its ankles. It will not thank you for it. You are taking away its ability to photosynthesise!

The Mowing Process

  • Edge the lawn
  • Mow the lawn (in two directions if you have time)
  • Mow the perimeter
  • Clean and stow mower

Key Points To Remember

  • Only ever cut a third off at once
  • The height should be 30-40mm
  • Mow when the grass is growing, stop when it isn’t.
  • Weekly mowing is ideal

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