Overseeding – Aftercare Advice

When overseeding a lawn we apply three times the amount of seed needed. One third for the birds, one third for rotting off, and one third for germination!

Germination cannot be 100% guaranteed, however, if you follow these simple steps you can’t go too far wrong:

Germination:  Grass shoots sprout anytime between 3 and 21 days depending on conditions. Consistent moisture is the main ingredient to success!

Watering:  Once the seed is sown it is essential that it is kept moist (not soaking wet) at all times.  You must water regularly if the weather is dry.  If the seed gets wet and then dries out it will not germinate.

Feeding:  When overseeding we may apply a low rate, balanced fertiliser to help the new seedling to be strong and develop a good thick blade.

Mowing:  Once the seedlings reach approximately 50mm in height they can start to be cut. The ideal cut height you should be aiming for is about 30-40mm adjust your mower height accordingly.  Ensure that mower blades are sharp.

If birds are a major problem, netting the area can be useful.

Keep off the seeded area whilst the seedlings develop and grow until it is fully established.

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