Aeration explained


Aerating is, without question, the most important thing for a lawn (besides mowing and watering).  There are two different kinds of lawn aeration; solid tine or hollow core (plugging).

Solid Tine Aerating

Solid tine aerating is a bit like traditionally forking over the lawn but is done using a machine.  The machine punches holes in the lawn (much deeper and more powerfully than using a hand fork!) The holes can be up to a depth of 4 inches.  This method can be used at any time of year but is particularly beneficial in spring and autumn.

The Benefits

  • Enabling oxygen, nutrients, and water to reach the root zone. A healthy root zone means good strong, healthy, growth above ground.
  • Relieving compaction – also stimulating healthy growth as water can more easily soak into the soil helping the lawn retain moisture following a dry period
  • Aiding natural drainage if the lawn has become wet/waterlogged – will also help combat the growth of moss.

When can this be done?   Typically, twice a year during spring and autumn – but can be more if needed.

Hollow Tine Aerating

Hollow tine aerating involves metal tubes being pushed into the ground all over the lawn to a depth of about 3 inches (so not as deep as solid tining).

The Benefits

  • As above for solid tining


  • Relief of heavy compaction – when a lawn is heavily compacted – regularly walked or played on – hollow tining greatly reduces compaction and will help restore the natural balance in the turf.
  • Removal of ‘cores’ or ‘plugs’ means there is an opportunity for some degree of soil exchange, for example, sand or a top dressing mix can be brushed into the holes left which can help to improve clay soil.

Cores should always be collected and disposed of as left on the lawn they can take a long period of time to break down and form the perfect seed bed for weeds and even moss!

When can this be done?  Once a year or in a healthy maintained lawn every two years, again, during spring or autumn.

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