Aeration can be completed in different ways. The results are nearly always the same. The idea of aeration is to break through any thatch at the top of the lawn allowing water and nutrient ingress and gaseous exchange. This leads to improved drainage with a drier top surface discouraging moss and disease.

The soil will benefit from a less compacted structure enabling new root growth. New and strong root growth is a must for a strong healthy shoot. The strength of grass the root has a direct correlation to the strength of the leaf. Conversely, the length of the grass leaf has a direct correlation to the length of the grass root


The types of aeration are:

  • Hollow core: we take plugs of soil from the lawn, rake, and dispose of them
  • Solid tine: holes are punched into the lawn and nothing is removed.

At LawnsOne we use the most appropriate method for individual lawns to get the best results. When we hollow core your lawn we will rake the cores and dispose of them for you.

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