Common Lawn Weeds

How do I get rid of weeds in my lawn?

The simple answer is you get a LawnsOne Professional in to deal with common lawn weeds. If you are in South London. All our professionals are licensed by the NPTC in the handling, storing, and spraying of chemicals designed to kill weeds on hard surfaces and more importantly in lawns. However, before they bring out the sprayer’s they will make sure that all other non-chemical avenues have been explored to see if they are appropriate, first.

Lawns in the UK will suffer from weeds at one time or another. Our temperate climate means that weed seeds will germinate throughout the year, although we are more likely to see them in spring when we first get out onto the lawn.

Most lawns will only need a blanket treatment (spray the entire lawn), once a year in the spring. If you are a new customer, it will be soon after you join us. Then we should be able to spot spray any weeds on subsequent visits (providing the weather is on our side). There must be little wind and it must be dry. The ideal scenario is that we get the lawn growing so well that it out competes any would be weeds. Many of our customers’ lawns are like this.

Below are the most common lawn weeds you might find in your lawn, together with a scale of how easy they are to kill.

? Good control

?? Variable control

??? Not controlled

Regular Lawn Treatments

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