Lawn Problem: Leaf Litter and Debris on Lawn

Leaves on my lawn?

If you have trees or shrubs that are deciduous or that seed or fruit, and they are in or by your lawn, the chances are that you will need to manually remove the debris and litter caused by them. Often to the untrained eye, the lawn will look clear but upon closer inspection there may be considerable litter. If you are unsure take an area and a leaf rake and rake a patch to see what you collect. Its often surprising!

How to deal with leaf litter and debris?

Leaf litter and debris can be anything from leaves, twigs, seeds and nuts or just human rubbish. Keep your lawn clear of all these items with the use of either a blower, hand held or back pack or by using a rake. Use a leaf rake, normally plastic and quite wide. These make the job much easier. At LawnsOne we recommend Fiskars leaf rakes. We know from experience that those lawns that are cleared and fed or kept clear and have a good feeding regime put in place, respond really well even if it has been neglected in the past.

Key points to remember

  • Always keep debris and litter on your lawn to a minimum.
  • Use a Fiskars leaf rake.
  • Apply a feed to neglected areas once cleared of debris for best results.

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