Weed Control

All our technicians are NPTC tested to allow them to spray commercial grade weedkillers. Using weedkillers or selective herbicides on a lawn will produce quick results and most weeds will disappear in around 4 weeks. 

There are always the stubborn offenders that may need a further dose to give a complete kill. We charge to kill the weeds in any one season NOT per application – so if we do not succeed first time, we will return to complete the job free of charge. 

Once your lawn is weed free, it is a good idea to keep an eye out for offenders when mowing. This way removal by hand can be cheaper, quicker and better for the environment.

There is only one real offender that does not respond to treatment and that is “Mind Your Own Business” or Helxine soleirolii. This weed rarely responds to selective herbicides and sometimes resists total herbicides. However if you have an infestation the best option is try kill what you can, remove as much remaining matter as carefully as possible by skimming the surface of the soil and disposing of it and then re-turfing.

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