Simply put, no.

All our fertilisers are made in such a way that they can sit on the soil surface until the rain washes it into the soil. You can speed the process by watering but it is not essential.

Lawn care can be started at any time of year and should be year round care.

Please remember that you will not be able to see all the benefits at all times of the year. Your lawn will experience the most visual improvements during warm and wet periods of weather. Health will be developed over time.

Our weed killer is the only product that is weather dependant. It must be dry, with low wind speeds for successful application.

We ask for children and pets to be kept off lawns for a minimum of 12 hours after spraying herbicide and moss control. Your lawn can be used straight away after all other products.

All our technicians hold PA1 and PA6 licences which allow them to handle, transport and apply chemicals to your lawns and hard surfaces.

Fertiliser is always applied in advance of the benefit. So a brown lawn will recover faster if it has had an application fertiliser. If you wait until the lawn is green again you will have lost valuable time and conditions.

Yes. Our website allows you to buy care for your lawn with ease. You can simply use our lawn quote tool and once you’ve shared a few simple details you’ll be able to purchase your programme online.

Or if you prefer we can activate your account and you can pay once your service has been completed with the touch of a button. (Autopay sign up required)

Our technicians are always on the look out for unhealthy lawns. If they find anything that needs addressing, they’ll inform you, give you a price for remedy and leave you to make a decision. Be assured if your lawn doesn’t need it, we wont sell it.

With a specialist skill set, we concentrate only on the care and treatment of lawns and work in partnership, allowing you to take care of the mowing and watering.

Some can, however many gardeners pass work to us because they have neither the time nor the expertise to get the most from your lawn. We are lawn care specialists and focus on only that.