Summer Lawn Care in the UK
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Expert advice for a healthy, vibrant lawn in the UK this Summer. From the lawn care experts at LawnsOne.

Your guide to lawn care this Summer

As a garden-loving homeowner, you know that maintaining a healthy lawn during the summer months can be a challenge.

With changing weather patterns, pests, and diseases, it's easy for your lawn to lose its luster.

But fear not!

LawnsOne have distilled decades of experience and gathered our best summer lawn care advice in one place. With our guidance, you'll have the knowledge to keep your lawn green, healthy, and vibrant all summer long. Let's dive in!


Why LawnsOne are the most recommended independent lawn care specialists in the South East.

LawnsOne is small, independent, family owned and operated company with a big reputation. One that’s matched only by our sustained ambition. We enjoy the enviable position of having a 97% customer satisfaction rating and more 5* reviews than any other independent specialist in the south east. So if you're looking for help with regular lawn treatments or even complete lawn renovation you're in the right place. You can even get an instant quote today or simply get in touch with your questions here

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