Sowing the Seeds of the Wild: A Guide to the Flora of LawnsWild’s Wildflower mixes

The foundation of a successful wildflower patch, however, large or small, lies in the seeds we sow. 

At LawnsWild, we’ve worked with local experts to carefully select a range of native wildflowers

Let’s dive into the wildflower palette we employ for mini meadows, exploring their unique characteristics and the benefits they bring to your garden’s ecosystem.

The Pollinator Mix

This is bursting with easy to grow wildflowers and UK native species such as kidney vetch, oxeye daisy, corn chamomile, field forget-me-not, cornflower, lady’s bedstraw and tufted vetch.

The Cornfield Annuals Wildflower Mix:

This contact species such as; corncockle, scented mayweed, corn chamomile, field forget-me-not, cornflower, corn poppy, corn marigold, opium poppy, wild mustard, night flowering catchfly and field pansy.

North Downs Wildflower Mix:

Native species such as, birds foot trefoil, black medick, meadow buttercup, sanfoin, salad burnet, selfheal, and St. John’s Wort, all grown and harvested across the North Downs and Weald of Kent

The Bespoke Mix

If you’d like a bespoke mix of any of the species outlined above you can just let us know.

A Community of Wildflowers

This story is one creating a harmonious community of plants. The selected flowers bloom at different times, ensuring a continuous supply of food for pollinators and ongoing visual interest for you. Seasonal changes bring shifts in colours and textures, turning your wild patch into a dynamic piece of living art.

A Win for Aesthetics and Biodiversity

A wildflower patch in your garden provides a dual benefit: it enhances your garden’s aesthetics with vibrant flowers, while supporting insects and pollinators and creating a diverse habitat for wildlife.

Watching your garden attract various birds, bees, and butterflies can be a truly rewarding experience.

Curious about wildflower areas?

We would love to discuss how we can turn a portion of your outdoor area into a vibrant, biodiverse space. Contact us today!

Curious about wildflower areas?

We would love to discuss how we can turn a portion of your garden into a vibrant, biodiverse space.

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