With over 10’s of thousands of metres of turf laid for residential properties across the south east as well as top museums in London, you can be assured of a great lawn each and every time. It’s all in the preparation.

Our availability varies over the year however, if you book a free consultation we’ll be able to provide up-to-date estimates on when your job could take place.

LawnsOne use a number of professional tools and as such we require side or rear access the width of a normal door. We will not gain access through your house space.

Turfing starts from £20per metre to prepare, supply and lay.

As the meterage increase the price per metre reduces.

Our costs also includes 1 ton of British standard soil per 100 msq. This helps with the soil structure and as with most things the quality of your lawn will depend on the quality of the preparation.

LawnsOne has used the same, well-respected local turf supplier for 10 years.

We use the same seed houses that our turf supplier does. In general, there are different varieties of species used in different turf and/or different proportions of species however, most turf is quite similar in makeup.

We work safely in the knowledge – and from experience – that if our trusted supplier is not happy with the quality of the turf on any given occasion, he will not provision it.

This depends on environmental factors however, it can be between 2 and 8 weeks.

The turf need warmth and water to establish quickly so it establishes slower during the cooler months and quicker during the warmer months.

For a typical lawn of 100 msq or less, just one day.

At LawnsOne it’s rare we come across a lawn that is beyond repair and we’ll only recommend re-turfing as a last resort. And the good news is that we can advise you, without charge, as to which option is best. Simply book your free consultation today.

Turf has many advantages over traditional seeding options. Firstly, it’s quicker and easier to install than growing grass from seed. Secondly, you are able to work the levels of the lawn to suit your needs which can also eliminate unwanted undulation. Finally, turf provides a natural and attractive look that can enhance the appearance of any outdoor space.

At the end of the process we share detailed instructions on how to traverse the lawn (if you need to, in the immediate days after) and how to care for the newly laid turf to help it settle into the ground.