Moss on your Lawn: All You Need to Know

Maintaining a lush and healthy lawn can be a challenging task, especially when faced with unwanted invaders such as moss.

Moss growth is a common problem that plagues many lawns, and it can be difficult to control without proper knowledge and care. In this article, we will explore the topic of moss on lawns and provide answers to some frequently asked questions.

What is Moss and Why Does it Grow on Lawns?

Moss is a type of non-flowering plant that grows in damp and shady areas. It thrives in areas with poor drainage, compacted soil, and low fertility. When it comes to lawns, moss growth is often a sign of underlying issues that need to be addressed. The main issues are excessive thatch and shade.

How to Kill Lawn Moss

There are no moss killers that can be used on lawns, but we do have control, normally in the form of iron, either in solid form with a lawn sand or liquid form sprayed onto a lawn. The liquid form gets to more of the moss and so usually is more effective. However either solid or liquid iron will only kill what it touches, there is no system in moss for the iron to work through like there is in say a weed plant. This means that once a control (iron) has been applied it is a good idea to physically remove the moss by raking or scarifying it out.

Applying a moss control when it is moist or there is little rain is a good idea as it soaks through to areas of thick moss that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to touch without raking first.

Another option is to apply a moss control product that contains iron sulphate or potassium salts. These products can be applied in either granular or liquid form and work by dehydrating and killing the moss.

It is important to note that moss control products should be used sparingly and according to the manufacturer’s instructions to avoid damage to surrounding vegetation.

Can You Kill Lawn Moss in Winter?

The best time to attack moss is when it is actively growing – in the UK that is often from autumn through to spring. So winter is an ideal time to complete moss control. Applications of iron over winter will also harden off the grass sward, making the cell walls stronger and therefore more resistant to disease. Another advantage!

Key Points To Remember
  • Moss growth can be a common problem for lawns
  • Reducing surface and sub surface thatch reduces moss habitat
  • Cut back overhanging planting to allow more light in and aerate your lawn for better surface drainage
  • and to use environmentally friendly methods of control where possible
  • check out our deep dive for effective moss control here

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