Redeeming Your Gift Certificate

How to redeem your gift certificate

Congratulations, it looks like you've received a gift certificate

We’re delighted you’ve received your gift certificate and pleased to report your credit is redeemable with with us; the most high-rated, independent Lawn Care specialists in the South-East. 

What’s next?

Here’s how to redeem your gift certificate.

You may either;

  • call us on 0800 848 8055
  • message us using this form (be sure to include your postcode & redemption code – see below)
  • make a purchase online (see instructions below)

To make a treatment plan purchase online

1. Locate & Note Your Redemption Code

  • Make a note of your 16 alphanumeric code from the email that was sent you.
  • The image below depicts the code within the email.
  • If for any reason you haven’t received your email but believe you’ve been gifted a certificate, please call us on 0800 848 8055 or  message us using this form


2. Visit Our Quote Tool



3. Follow the steps

  • You can now follow the next steps
  • If you don’t know your lawn size don’t worry, we have helpful pictures from which you may choose the size that looks right.
  • If for any reason you see a message saying we are unable to service your lawn, please call 0800 848 8055 or message us using this form


4. Go To Checkout / Enter Your Redemption Code

  • Once your reach the checkout you’ll have the opportunity to input your 16-digital, alphanumeric code.
  • Your basket total (£) will be updated to reflect the credit you’ve received.
  • From here you may complete the checkout and pay any balance.


Have questions

If you’re having trouble redeeming your gift certificate, or have any other queries then pease either call 0800 848 8055 or  message us using this form