Repair & Rejuvenate

At LawnsOne it’s rare we come across a lawn that is beyond repair and we’ll only recommend re-turfing as a last resort.

But, if you need specialists to alleviate bad levels or just a fresh, lavish lawn in a rush, we have you covered.

You can purchase our ‘Repair & Rejuvenate’ service, or soil conditioners when booking your regular treatment programme with LawnsOne. To get started, just enter your postcode.

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  1. Hollow tine aeration
  2. Aggressive scarification in two directions
  3. Detailed clearance of Debris
  4. Overseeding with a top-rated, coated seed mix.

Would my lawn benefit from the LawnsOne R&R?

Most average lawns will benefit from the LawnsOne R&R. Reducing thatch levels and pruning the grass as well as relieving compaction and improving drainage. Seeding post works helps the lawn to thicken. We will almost always apply a fertiliser from your LawnsOne programme upon completion to aid recovery too.

How often should this work be carried out?

We recommend the LawnsOne R&R annually. Some people choose to complete it every two years, however, those lawns that look best have it completed annually.

What do I need to do before the work is completed?

It is vital that the lawn is cut short, a couple of days before LawnsOne arrives. This allows our professional machines to penetrate deeper into the lawn, doing a better job and getting better results.

What do I need to do after the work has been completed?

Watering is likely to be required, especially on any bare areas repaired, for the best germination. You should not mow for 14-21 days, depending on growth. Mow on a high setting so as not to damage any new seedlings and if you have a heavy or roller mower take care to lift the back of the machine when turning to avoid tearing young grass. Increase the frequency of mowing as the growth improves and start to bring your cut height down to normal settings.


For any seed to germinate it needs to be CONSISTENTLY moist. Little and often to keep the top surface of the soil profile damp.


This is not always practical but please be mindful, use of the lawn will impact results

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